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Our Vision & The Skull


Mission - To show creativity, passion, and vision through a life lived with purpose.

Vision - Express passion and creativity through the innovation of new concepts, always asking the question; “What’s Next”?

Story behind the vision - Conception of the Company came one day when sitting at a local coffee shop. I asked the question; What’s Next? How can I make a statement of faith through creativity and expression? Then concept of the “skull” was born. I am passionate about my faith, motorcycles, cars, and seeing people have the realization of ultimate freedom. So, how could I create something that would allow me to share those passions with others? BOOM! 6K Customs was born. The rest is yet to come.

The story behind the “Skull”
The skull, for some, is a representation of death, but for others, it is, or could be, a catalyst for life beyond death. It was the place of the skull that a man did something that no other could or will ever do. It is the place of the end of sin, and the most significant event in all history.

‚ÄčThe story of the skull is a catalyst for ultimate freedom (Mathew 27:33). Freedom that you can only experience through the acceptance of what took place upon “the skull”.

‚ÄčThere is a man named Jesus who died and was crucified on this skull top for the sins of all mankind. Why? Because He loves you just as you are (John 3:16). This Jesus not only died there for your sins, but was taken down and buried, and arose three days later. So the place of the skull, which is called Calvary, was not the end, but the beginning of the freedom that all may partake.

If you are reading this and have that gut check and want that freedom. Now is your time. Say the following right now right where you are:

Lord, forgive me of my sins. I believe you died on the cross for me. Come into my heart. You are now FREE from whatever was in your past. Get into a Bible believing church and stay there.

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