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Chris Sixkiller Skull Guy


Chris Sixkiller and his family live in Southern Oregon in Jacksonville, a small historic town. Chris has a lovely wife of 22 plus years and two awesome daughters. Many people ask if Sixkiller is really his last name; it is. The Sixkiller name is Native American (Cherokee). He is a veteran and proud of his heritage. Chris loves creativity, which he is sure you will find in all his work. When you purchase a 6K custom motorcycle product, you are getting a Sixkiller original.  

Chris serves as a licensed pastor at a local church, cares greatly for his community, serves as a mentor for a local homeless teen shelter, and has a desire to help others achieve their greatness. He also is founder of Tailgate Ministries, which is a non-profit that feeds, cares and provides a variety of services that meet the needs of the homeless. For more information on Tailgate Ministrie, please check out our web page at